Vinyl Shutter Control Rod - 72 Inch
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72 Inch Vinyl Control Rod with two End Caps 

This vinyl control rod is an off-white color and is for use with some styles of vinyl shutters


Use with our Shutter Vane or Tilt Bar Connectors- Part #ZZ025, #ZZ026, & #ZZ057 


**Connectors are sold separately**

Control rods can be cut down to shorter lengths or painted to match your existing shutters by you, the purchaser

**This is a newer style vinyl control rod.  The profile may not exactly match your existing control rods, but will replace rods which use the same type of connectors (Part #ZZ025, #ZZ026 & #ZZ057)


This control rod is NOT compatible with Part #ZZ033, #ZZ064,  #ZZ065 or #ZZ089

  • Item #: ZZ032

Vinyl Shutter Control Rod - 72 Inch

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