EasyClean Adjustable Microfiber Shutter Duster **Refill**
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 Package contains 3 microfiber chenille noodles.

They have the ability to reach out and latch onto the dust. Microfiber is the most effective cleaning material on the market. Microfiber is made from polyester and nylon. Polyester fibers will take the shape of wedges whereas nylon fibers will take the shape of stars with very thin branches (less than 1 micron in thickness). These angular forms have a much more efficient impact when cleaning a surface than regular round shaped fibers. The fibers' angles can lift the smallest dusts and even some bacteria. Our refills are re-washable and re-usable for many times over and over. Try them and you’ll love them. Get an extra set so you always have clean refills on hand!

  • Item #: ZZ047

EasyClean Microfiber Shutter Duster **Refill**

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