Plantation Shutter Louver Kit 3 1/2" Wide - 24" Long
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This replacement louver is made from a synthetic material.  It has a smooth finish and is currently an off white color  

The louver can be cut down to a shorter length or primed and painted, by youto match your existing shutters

This is an elliptical louver that is 3 1/2" wide (see diagram above)

24" Louver Kit contains:

(1) 24" Long Louver

(2) 1/4" Crown X 1" Shutter Staples

(2) Nylon Louver Pins

(2) Spring Loaded Louver Pins


Detailed instructions are included with purchase

**Please note that you will need to drill the holes for the staples and louver pins

  • Item #: ZZ067

3 1/2" Wide Plantation Shutter Louver Replacement Kit- 24 Inch

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